Terminal Beginning Trade Paperback From the solitary confines of a forgotten Arctic outpost arrives the world's final hope for its own salvation. What follows is an unlikely string of events that brings together a diverse group of players in the culmination of what may very well be the last days of the world as we know it.

With the impending apocalypse upon humanity as a whole, it is up to the efforts of one unknowing woman to save us all from what is potentially to come and, moreover, ourselves.

Beings that have long lain dormant and shrouded in secrecy have now awakened and are walking the Earth once more; many are duplicitous; a handful are neutral; and only one is bent on helping her.

The world may have been offered its final opportunity for salvation, but in the end the ultimate question is: Do we truly deserve it?

Further examining philosophical questions raised by the likes of Nancy Kress (Beggars In Spain), William Gibson (Neuromancer), and Bruce Sterling (Holy Fire), Terminal Beginning is sure to keep you actively guessing until the very end.

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